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recycling/reclaiming dried or moist clay/slip

updated fri 2 apr 04


S.E.W. on wed 31 mar 04

I slip cast and at least with my slip, I have had enormous success =
reclaiming my slip no matter what state it's in - leather hard or =
completely dried out. I actually started doing this when I ran out of =
slip one day and the only thing I had to work with was a huge 5 gallon =
bucket of dried, broken up pieces of greenware. It had been sitting for =
months and I was a little hesitant to use it. So I took an empty bucket =
and a little at a time added the dried out pieces of greenware to warm =
water and let it soak until I could mix it up. I had to break up the =
larger pieces with one of my plastic scraping tools because they were =
either to thick or too large and this helped speed up the process. In =
the end, I was able to use my newly mixed slip and my pieces came out =
fine. Since then, if I have a piece that broke, etc. it goes onto a =
bucket that I have designated for reclaiming my slip. Whether it's moist =
or dry, it doesn't matter. When finances are tight, let me tell you how =
good it feels to know I have that bucket of reclaimed slip or at least =
it's full of broken up greenware waiting to be reclaimed and used. I =
always strain my slip before using it to make sure it's free of any =
unknown objects that can easily get into that bucket.
So, this is my experience with reclaiming any unused pieces. Whether it =
has completely dried out or it is a brand new moist piece that didn't =
come out right, I use it all!