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surfing with helen bates - uk sites - mar 30 04

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Helen Bates on wed 31 mar 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - UK sites - Mar 30 04

Terri Smart (Clandon Pottery) (East Clandon, Surrey, England, UK)

Former architect and interior designer who became interested in clay and
retrained informally and then formally, in the Huddersfield Technical
College, England. In 1994, she set up her own studio at Cherry Cottage
and completed her City & Guilds course in Ceramics in 1999, for which
she needed to demonstrate competence in a wide variety of techniques
including throwing, coiling, slab building and slip casting. Her slab
work is whimsical, and always well-made.

Lee Page Hanson (Manchester, England, UK)

This clay sculptor makes press-moulded and slip cast sculptural forms
based on basic solid geometric shapes: the cube, the sphere, the
pyramid, the cylinder, plus the tile, which is oftimes embellished in
such a way as to lift it from the two dimensional plane well into the
the third dimensional world. Hanson states:
> The clay bodies I am currently working with are casting slip for its
> fluid qualities, a short earthenware body for its static texture and
> an off white earthenware body for soft, warm plastic properties.
> The surfaces are all carefully considered; paying attention to ceramic
> ecorating techniques including marbling, incising, extrusion and slip
> trailing.

(Adrian Sassoon Gallery (London, England, UK)
The Adrian Sassoon Gallery has a large department of contemporary
British Art and Craft headed by Claire Beck. There is a new and easy to
view look to site, plus some new artists and artwork. There is a
sculptural emphasis to the work in this gallery, both from the hand
builders and wheel throwers such as Jane Hamlyn. There is much
individual and high quality slip cast work, often treated with additions
or hand textured surfaces. A large body of work is exhibited by Kate
Malone, who at times combines earthenware and porcelain, pebble glazes
and crystalline glazes in one and the same piece.

The Oakwood Gallery (Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, England, UK)
The Oakwood Gallery Magazine - David Leach articles;

The Oakwood Gallery has been mentioned by me before, I think. Anyway,
look at the "Magazine" link, where there are several articles having to
do with Bernard Leach's son David Leach, who has been a potter for over
50 years. Featured potters, whose work is mainly in the Leach tradition
include: Matthew Blakely - Porcelain and Salt Glazed Stoneware; Jim
Malone - Stoneware and Porcelain, ash glazed; Jack Kenny - Stoneware,
ash glazed; Alistair Hawtin - Porcelain and Stoneware; Stephen Parry -
Stoneware and Porcelain, wood fired... The work of many other
contemporary potters, as well as pieces from Leach and some of the other
potters of the 20th. century studio pottery movement can be seen here.
Thanks for this site go to Lee Love, via an entry on his "Potters

Artech UK (Central England arts site)

"The Artech and Createx programmes brought together artists
and designers from four areas of the UK - Nottinghamshire,
Manchester, Lancashire and the Wirral. (...)
(The) pages (in this site) contain (...) examples of the work
produced by each region's creative (...) participants (...)
engaged in individual or collaborative projects (...) Artech
is no longer funded, so (...) cannot accept any further
applications to join the programme." Ceramic Artists: Halima Cassell;
Rupert Belfrage; Diane Fay; Anne Haworth; Ailsa Josland; Louise Wood;
Bryony Burn; Lynda Addison; Tracey Birchwood; Louise Graham; Caroline
Barnes; Kyra Cane; Karen Lyons; Paul J Reilly; Sarah Walton; Welbeck
Tiles; Emma Williams; Rachel Wood; Debbie Entwistle; Janet Holmes; Gill
Hughes; Emma Rogers;

Anne Funnell (Lenham Pottery Models) (Poringland, Norfolk, England, UK)

(Series on Shire Horse Model design and making, and two part mould making)


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