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kiln wash on advancers/crystars

updated sun 4 apr 04


Craig Martell on sat 3 apr 04

Illene asked:
>I was told not to put anything on the shelves no kiln wash..What is

Hello Illene:

You can wash or not wash these shelves depending on how they are used and
how predictable or unpredictable your glazes are in terms of running. It's
an individual choice we make. I use ash glazes and I always have new glaze
tests in the kiln so I wash the shelves.

After using these shelves for more than a decade, with kiln wash, my
experience is that they can be washed with no problems at all. The thing
you want to do is make sure they are completely dry before you fire them
again. Especially Advancers. I spray mine with wash and then put them
near the wood stove for about 3 days. If it's warm and sunny, I put them

regards, Craig Martell Hopewell, Oregon