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surfing with helen bates - "the low countries" - (netherlands and

updated mon 5 apr 04


Helen Bates on sun 4 apr 04

Belgium) - April 4th., 2004

Surfing with Helen Bates - "The Low Countries" - (Netherlands and
Belgium) - April 4th., 2004

Peter De Ryck (Liedekerke, Belgium)

Darkly wacky painted ceramic sculpture.
What text there is is in Dutch only, so use a translator such as "Free
Translation" .

Gera van der Leun (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Major sculptor who has built a wood-fired kiln sculpture and
architectural fountain features; some are solar-powered. Her style is a
fusion of cubic formality and organic line.

The "Ceramics Portal" of the "" human database:

The "Ceramics Portal" of the "" human database is maintained by
Gerard Van Damme of Belgium. There are 76 entries from the Netherlands,
30 or more from Belgium, over 40 from the USA plus entries from many
other countries besides. The policy is to
maintain reasonably high standards regarding the type of site permitted.
Its portals and sub-themes include various areas of the arts, sports,
music, history, and news, to name a few.

Russel Fout's Clayart Show Window

Right now, the Show Window features Russel's new maiolica work (tumbler
forms) and the cone 04 glaze he used (credited to Mathias Ostermann).

Kees Kaldenbach's "Johannes Vermeer's View of Delft, a guided tour":
(Some parts of the site are available
in English, Dutch, German and French.)
Art historian Kees Kaldenbach has been working on this site since 1977.
Of particular interest is the section "How did they produce Delft blue
faience or "porcelain*" in the delftware potteries?" This can be
reached from the home page by clicking on the link "Delft Blue" or
directly here:

Stefan Van Cleemput (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium)

Stefan makes some very nice forms when he has a chance to work in
pottery. (He wrote me that he hasn't had a chance lately... ) On his
site he has pages of photos of his Raku, Pit-fire, Stoneware, and
Agateware pieces, and a page of cone 6 glaze recipes, analyses, and
commentary. Obviously, he uses raw materials and frits that are
available in Europe. The commentary is in Dutch, so for this use the
above "Free Translation" site mentioned above.


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