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ceramics monthly (editors)

updated tue 6 apr 04


Arnold Howard on mon 5 apr 04

I've dealt with editors for years. I was an editor myself at one time.

A lot of times their replies seem harsh but are not meant that way. This is
because 80% of the editor's work is administrative: keeping track of query
ideas, filing articles and photos, answering letters. It takes a highly
organized person to be an editor, and I suspect that most of them struggle
to stay organized. So they send curt replies to queries, or no replies at

If you ever submit an article idea to a magazine, include plenty of detail
so the editor can make a decision without having to ask for more
information. You would be surprised at how many queries are only a paragraph


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P.

From: "Jeff Tsai"
> As far as images are concerned and being rejected, I'm sorry to hear of
> rather harsh reply. I don't know whether your work is good, bad or
> "professional." But I hope that hard words don't discourage you. However,
if harsh replies
> is their policy, so be it. I don't think it needs to be changed to be
> after all, many of the CM critics have not been all that kind in their
> estimation of the quality of Ceramics Monthly.