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southern florida potters meet.

updated tue 6 apr 04


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Today in Pompano Beach, we had a most pleasant pot luck gathering organized by Eydie DeVincenzi and her friends from the Fire and Mud Studio in Hallandale, students from FAU and BCC.

The weather was balmy and perfect and the clear skies a welcome sight after two days of being "snowed " ashes from the bush fire north of Hialeah.

Everybody was totally committed to clay. We talked glazes, selling avenues, studios, techniques and more glazes. So many questions and all that communal knowledge to share. Very inspiring.

After enjoying the food brought by all present, we exchange our clay works. As each number was drawn from a bowl by a happy recipient, the maker proceeded to explain about her/his piece, inspiration, techniques, glazing, intentions, problems, joys , etc. A lot was learned in this way about each person and it gave the meeting a very intimate feeling.

What was interesting is that CLAYART was the soul of the meeting, the name was mentioned over and over in relation to different subjects, that amazed me. Then I asked to be allowed to show what I brought from NCECA. As I show the pieces and mentioned the names, Russel, Bacia, Marta, Carla, John, Winnie and others, there were smiles of recognition on their faces. I felt this meeting was an extention of the CLAYART Room.
I can't wait for the next one.

Thank you Eydie and everybody for a wonderful idea and a great time had by all.

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