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low fire satin matte

updated wed 7 apr 04


sharon miranda on tue 6 apr 04

I'm trying to figure out how to use the following recipe with colorants
( copper carb or cobalt carb) and still retain the satin matte surface.
Do I add 5 - 10% more whiting? or some other matting agent? Does it
throw a recipe off balance to add ingredients like more whiting or
titanium to the batch recipe?

VC satin stone

(05-04 on red earthenware)

frit 3124 45
Gerst.B 10
Neph sye 15
talc 5
whiting 5
flint 15
epk 5

This is a beautiful white satin stone glaze.
With 2% copper carb I got yukky bathroom turquoise.

I surely appreciate any help you can give me- I'm NOT a glaze wizard,
and have not been able to find this answer in my books.
Sharon Miranda