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nceca simultaneous demonstrations--some observations-rikki

updated wed 7 apr 04


Jaqartstudio on tue 6 apr 04

The other five presenters merit our discussion much more, very well said, Rikki.

I was fascinated by Sam Chung's work. His template system so intricate. His sketch book filled with forms, ideas and the working of thought. Wow! His wonderful satin mattes and color selections that fit each piece to a "T". His work sang to me. A subtle elegance in form and glaze. I had a fifth row center seat for the slide show. My only wish was that the slides, which should I say
was a crammed packed full auditorium- with walls covered
shoulder to shoulder, too....would have been presented
before the demo.

I also was looking at every single silo and old barnhouse (there were plenty to see in the drive back from Indy to GA)....... Looking
at the shape and form and texture and color and taking the whole
dwelling structure and applying it to clay structure and form and
texture and color........all thanks to the other demonstrator Dan
Anderson. Lisa Orr's work was vibrant, maybe too vibrant for
me....but a definite interest grabbed me in the creative approach
to manipulating clay. She had lots of attention there. And still, she
is inventive, humorous, and lived up to her expectations as a
demonstrator. But of all, I was wowwed by Chung's work.

So, aspect of poor/rebellious performance should not
sway anyone from participating in NCECA demonstrations. There
was a whole lot to be had from all the other participants.


Rikki Gill wrote:
I would like to add to Dave's comment that I was mesmerized, and watched the
same people for actually 9 hours. The last three hours were slide
presentations by each. I took notes, digital images and made sketches, to
understand how each was made. I don't plan to suddenly develope a line of
Sam Chung ewers, but it was so fascinating to see them evolve from his
hands. What I saw will enrich my work in totally unplanned ways, on a
subconscious level. I have watched the presentations at every NCECA I have
gone to, and to me, they are the certerpiece.
I don't want people who haven't yet attended NCECA to have a bad impression
because of one presenter who represented another viewpoint. To me she
sounds defensive and a bit embarrassed be the bruhaha.
Rikki Gill

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Subject: NCECA Simultaneous Demonstrations--some observations

spent the mornings watching the demos by Sam Chung, Lisa
> Orr and Dan Anderson.

> these are great presenters.

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