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or...waitin' for (that) 'nceca-education-eau' (part-of-things to show

updated wed 7 apr 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 6 apr 04

up...or did it afterall?)

Hi Vince,


I am just 'up' and still sleepy...good morning!

I myself had missed it you know, (the Paul-crow-demoh-shay )
what with me being tied-to-the-mast and
all...and could only
conjecture as I did from the hear-say as (long after, for me
anyway, had)

Well, another thought too - if one takes into account the
cost-of-admission, for the 'pass'
or the ticket or the badge or whateveritis...the attendees
are obliged to

And if one devide it up into how many demohs, workchops and
lechers one saw or could see how much they
cost one...on 'average' know, just for fun...just to
Just to get some of that 'education' part-of-things going
for one's self. Being as that is the "e" in 'nceca' and all.

Do they have a 'song' I wonder" You know, like the old
'Micky Mouse Club' did?
...and where an overvoice digress to expand momentarily on
'letter' as they sing, telling us, reminding us, what each
letter stands-for and all?

Or even if just in an arithmetic kind of
way...or in a 'what did you get for your hard-earned Pottery
Sales money from them
nceca folks, anyway'? kind of

Not from eachother, mind you...but from the 'nceca'...?

I never went to anything but the dance...aside from being
in the 'Hall' that is...(or the Clay Art Mug exchange which
of course is not an 'nceca' matter per-se...or it wouldn't
BE at all...)

And I was going to
fake the hand-stamp for that ( the dance ) but then found,
that as an
Exhibitor, I was entitled
to go
for free...


So then I was thinking to fake the hand stamp
anyway, regardless, just to spite the bastards in THAT
(maybe Dadaesque) way,
who were
gunna let me in there for 'free' (oh gee thanx, or, that
they'd for
cryin-out-loud charge anybody anyway for the dance-thing
and all...after making maybe a million-and-a-half dollars
already on the 'hall-booth-fees' and the 'attendee-fees' let
alone all them schmoosey 'grants' and endowments and I
standing there narrow-eye smileing like sunning-lizards
whilst one of them steadies the diaphenous liver-spotted
wrist of some dreamy sentimental dowager or other to help
her sign that next 'check' and so on, you know, for
'education' and all...) and then to charge 'em, charge the
attendees at-the-dance to get to get charged yet again... they
and so on, as well,
on top of it.

Had a (1) nice
dance, and some (mostly 1 and several fragments of fleeting
of ) nice conversation and company, and, a couple (2) Beers,
one and a half, 'cause they bussed the table while I was
dancing and took away my 1/2 full bottle o' Beer..)

I borrowed a ball-point-pen from Wayne ( in Key West) as I
shall one day return...or, I will return some kind of pen
anyway as who knows where that one ended up...

I did did use the same singular
'ticket-stub' for both rounds of Beers though, and was
planning on getting a few more on it too,
I got 'em
there anyway on that a little bit...and I tippid the Bar Man
few three-or-four bucks as I know
HE was gunna get stiffed otherwise like the rest of us had
been...he was cool...we got along fine...another pilgrim
stalled the path to, oh


...wants TO Live...


Or as old goldbloom-whatshisname character in the 'Jurasic
Park' movie...said..."Life will win out...will find a way"
or something like that...

I like it when it does...

More would be fine with me too...

I wish I had some Tyranasourous Rex pals...(being the
ancestors of 'Birds' you know...more or less...or, the
'smallish' of their ilk were just as fierce...)

...we'd tear up the Pea-patch...

...with glee...



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From: "Vince Pitelka"

> > May one not better respect one's Dada-ist
> > those of others, in the even happier eventuality of
> > not watching such a performance at all, but instead,
> > crossing the street and walking into 'starbucks' and
> > by a Window...with the coffee heat steaming one's
> > tilted glasses...and...?
> > Thus leaveing the performer to an even sweeter and more
> > sublime appreciation for themselves ( and others)?
> Phil -
> Yes, that would be a fine thing, except that there three
demonstrators in
> the room, so people stayed there watching the other two
working. It would
> have been more interesting if all three had been
demonstrating clay.
> - Vince
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