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nceca 2005

updated thu 8 apr 04


Joyce Lee on wed 7 apr 04

I'm looking forward to attending NCECA in
Baltimore also. I wouldn't be attending if I
didn't think that the programs, vendors,
presentations, demos, and people were not
all worth my time and money..... and I'm
grateful to those who are making it work.

I didn't get around as much this year because
I over-did walking with a cane. However, in
2005 I expect to be much better and I'll see
all that I can possibly see..... of course!!! Why
else would I go????

We are all Clay Folk. If there's something that
doesn't appeal to me...... so what...... there's
plenty .... believe me, plenty.... of variety
available ..... enough to keep me entertained
and educated for a lot longer than the few days
we have.

If there's some behind-the-scenes skullduggery
going on, I can't imagine what it is. Maybe I'm
the last to know, but I certainly haven't seen
anything but the results of months of hard work.
As I said, my imagination doesn't stretch that
far. ........ nor do I want it to. ( My body's
stretchin' and saggin' enough...... why would I
want my imagination to follow suit.)

I love having the Clayart Room at NCECA and
am grateful to ACerS and Potter's Council for
helping make it possible. But that's for our
relatively small, though growing, group. =20
There is a Bigger
Picture here....... if we're going to glimpse and
benefit from=20
it, we'll need to do something about our
Narrow Focus (focuses? foci? foqui?) .......=20
well, widen our horizons.....
make room for All of the Joys of NCECA.

And settle down. March 2005 is Not Just
Around the Corner..... even in my Old Age,
I know better than that. Make those mugs;
save your pennies; contact NCECA's
board to let them know what you'd like to see
Added to the conference........ not what you
want Removed. They're constantly asking us
what we want. WE are NCECA and we are
Not our enemy...... no matter what Pogo would

AND we're hoping to have a regional conference
or two through Potter's Council, which will be
smaller, more intimate, more focused on a
specific theme, and less expensive. Some
of us will only be able to attend a regional.
That's fine; that, in part, is why we'll be offering
them....... so we each may have the opportunity
to interact with one another and experience the
delights of being Up Close and Personal.

For me, that won't mean that NCECA won't=20
happen in my life. No way. I'll start making
more pots and actually Offering Them For
Sale...... so I can do both. What's wrong with

In the Mojave thankful for the desert sun which
shines into every corner of our
hearts and minds....... hard to hold a grudge
under such circumstances, much less create