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surfing with helen bates - italy, sweden, finland - apr. 7th., 2004

updated thu 8 apr 04


Helen Bates on wed 7 apr 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Italy, Sweden, Finland - Apr. 7th., 2004

Capodimonte Limited (Soft paste porcelain)

Italian soft paste porcelain. The name means "Top of the Mountain" from
the location of the The Royal Manufactory of Porcelain in the palace of
Charles VII, he King of Naples in the eighteenth century. Soft paste
porcelain can be decorated with a warmer palette than hard paste. The
Capodimonte Limited site is one of a number of sites marketing
Capodimonte porcelain. It is a British importing company.
See this article at the BBC site for a brief comparison of hard paste
and soft paste porcelain:

as well as this comprehensive article on the "Old and Sold" web site:

(3 pages on the history of porcelain.)

Fidia (Deruta, Italy)

(Maiolica pottery factory)

(English home page)
Scroll down and click "The Manufacture" for the section on the
manufacture of maiolica, with a diagram of an old kickwheel wheel set-up
and small photos of throwing pottery).

Claudio Reginato (Italy)

Reginato throws pots, some of which are fairly large, for other artists
(who decorate the ware), but makes fully finished works as well.
He has won international wheel Turning Championships in Faenza,
Italy. In 1997 he won first prize for both the technical -and- the
aesthetic section; He has done workshops in the USA. His production
includes raku and glazed stoneware articles.

Karin L=F6=F6f (Sweden)
(Swedish only)
Small web site with about 8 or 10 images that load in a pop-up window
that in Netscape hides itself behind the browser window. Pieces are
mainly thrown bottles and urns in quiet blues or tans with additions and
minimalist brush-drawn decorative elements. (I tried Intertran for a
free online translation from Swedish to English, but I think the company
is no longer providing this service free... )

Leena Lehto - Teokset (Finland)
(Finnish and English)
Designer of porcelain tableware and other functional pieces - designs
are both figurative and non-figurative and are fully translated to the
three-dimensional support provided by pots, vases, curvy plates and
eggs. (I don't know if the pieces shown are mass-produced, but Lehto
does design for mass-production in Japan.)


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