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toxic substances -6lb chicken

updated sun 11 apr 04


Milla Miller on fri 9 apr 04

those pellets most likely were growth hormones as capons are or were injected
with as chicks to excellerate growth.I raise such birds on a 4h program for
the community men's service club in Massachusetts as a kid,not at the time
understanding hormones.I do wonder what the effects are concerning the great
amount of added animal hormones added to protein meats since then [the

Sam or Mary Yancy on fri 9 apr 04

Way back in the 60's I worked in a local (san francisco) factory making food pellet machines for live stock. In a remote (and restricted) area of the factory, they formulated and tested food pellets that could grow a chicken so fast that the skin would split - and the chicken would die - so they had to "back down" the "pellet" formula. Perhaps because I like chicken ocasionally and then I could get samples from them to eat is why i'm so big- not really fat - just big ..... Don't know about other livestock. . Wish I could get some corn fed only chicken like my grand ma raised back on a farm 6 miles from Lexington VA when I was a tyke. Bottom line - Prices for chicken are very inexpensive and "good for you??" What we don't know CAN hurt us. Sam in Daly City.

"The six-pound size for 'chickens' we have over here, is (
usually) achieved by means as will disuade you from ever eating them."