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toxic substances - 6lb chicken

updated sun 11 apr 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 9 apr 04

Hi Sam,

Interesting stuff....sheeeesh...

In general - so far as I know - whatever hormones,
chemicals, or odd materials as are fed to
live-meat-creatures, as people then eat as
dead-meat-creautres...those chemicals remain in practice, to
effect the systems of they as eat them.

Which is one 'reason' we see so many 6th and 7th graders
with 'babys' in the stroller...thence soon to become
obese...or to have type 2 diabetes, on and on...



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From: "Sam or Mary Yancy"

> Way back in the 60's I worked in a local (san francisco)
factory making food pellet machines for live stock. In a
remote (and restricted) area of the factory, they
formulated and tested food pellets that could grow a chicken
so fast that the skin would split - and the chicken would
die - so they had to "back down" the "pellet" formula.
Perhaps because I like chicken ocasionally and then I could
get samples from them to eat is why i'm so big- not really
fat - just big ..... Don't know about other livestock. .
Wish I could get some corn fed only chicken like my grand
ma raised back on a farm 6 miles from Lexington VA when I
was a tyke. Bottom line - Prices for chicken are very
inexpensive and "good for you??" What we don't know CAN hurt
us. Sam in Daly City.
> "The six-pound size for 'chickens' we have over here, is (
> usually) achieved by means as will disuade you from ever
eating them."