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updated mon 12 apr 04


Susan Setley on sun 11 apr 04


In a message dated 4/11/04 7:48:57 PM, pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

> Hi Ivor,
> I think (or my memory seems to be, that) the toxins of the
> Salmonella are proteins, and would
> be ruined by the heats of normal cooking. ( As would the
> Salmonella themselves...)

If you thoroughly reheat something, even if salmonella has grown in it, it
will be safe. This was explained to me by a pediatric pathologist, so I think
it's probably true. The whole nursery rhyme about Peas porridge hot -- nine days
old -- that's the point. Reheat the porridge each day and it's safe.

Not that anyone should count on it, but we will actually never know how much
well-cooked food we have consumed that at one time had salmonella in it.