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toxic substances from bbq beer broaster - or, now,

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pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 11 apr 04

thoughts of...the Salmonella

Hi Ivor,

I think (or my memory seems to be, that) the toxins of the
Salmonella are proteins, and would
be ruined by the heats of normal cooking. ( As would the
Salmonella themselves...)

My appreciation
is that
the Salmonella bacteria, if kept
'cold' will remain approximately dreamy and listless and in
a neglect of their erstwhile occupations and interests.

If given a tepid or warm circumstance and succor, they will
be about
their habits with their prefered vigour and randy passtimes
and other
and, in
consequence, they will be making toxins (and many more
happy-go-lucky little replications of themselves).

I once had a serious episode of Salmonella poisoning, which
I afterward attributed to the ('tepid') Cream Gravy of a
"Bisquits-and-Gravy" late morning breakfast at a place
called 'Dorothy's
Diner' in San Pedro, 1980.

It was memorable...

I think we do well to beware tepid Soups, Gravys and tepid
food in general, in
otherwise casual expedient recourse to restaurants.


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From: "Ivor and Olive Lewis"

> Dear Phil,
> Is the toxin produced by Salmonella destroyed by cooking?
Or does it
> continue to contaminate the meat?
> Best regards,
> Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia
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