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possible to put up craft hut canopy alone?

updated wed 14 apr 04


Dorie Mickelson on tue 13 apr 04

Hi, I am considering buying a Craft Hut Display Canopy for outdoor fairs
and am wondering if anyone who has one has been able to manage putting
up by themselves and if so, how difficult or easy this has been. Also,
if you do
put your Craft Hut Canopy up alone, are you a tall and physically robust
or more on the shorter and smaller side (I am fairly strong, but am only
feet two inches tall).

Other Craft Hut (or general outdoor canopy) questions are: how
important is it
to get the vents and skylights, both of which cost extra, I believe?
Also on getting
the front awning, is that worth the extra $$? I have been doing mostly
indoor shows
and just can't tell which of the optional features (all of which cost
more money) are
really worth it. Which are must haves and which are just nice to haves?

I know some of this is old stuff to many of you, but I have already
searched the
ClayArt archives, have browsed through the Sunshine Artist discussion
have visited numerous websites researching numerous canopies (including
end canopies such as the Craft Hut Canopy, the Showoff Canopy from New
Products, the Trimline and Archtop Canopies from Flourish, and the Light
Dome and
Finale Canopies from Creative Energies, as well as some lower end
canopies such
as EZ Ups and Caravans), and am still unsure of what to buy!

Anyway, I am leaning toward the Craft Hut but am concerned that in
exchange for
great stability, reliability, and durability, I may also get something
that is so heavy
and hard to put up that I can not do it alone. I usually have help
putting my booth
up and tearing it down, but that won't necessarily always be the case.
I have two
outdoor shows coming up in the next few months so have some short term
I am looking at but also want something that works for me in the long

Feel free to reply off list if you prefer. Appreciate any input anyone

Dorie in Ann Arbor, MI