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question for glaze gurus, adhering slip

updated wed 14 apr 04


Angela Davis on tue 13 apr 04

While at NCECA I had the oppourtunity to watch
Halldor Hjalmarson in action and picked up his cone 10
adhering slip recipe, which he generously provided on postcards.
I had been interested in using his
method on my tiles ever since reading an article in the
March/April 03 "Claytimes".

My question is, how do I change this for use at cone 6,
or does it even need to be changed? My husband bought
Glaze Master for me at Christmas but I am not "educated" with it

The recipe he passed out at NCECA was a little
different than the one printed in "CLAYTIMES"
so I will give the newest one here;

EPK 25
Ball clay 30
Feldspar 20
Silica 15
Zircopax 5
Borax 3
Bentonite 2

"The above mixture should be added to a liquid which
contains 2/3 water and 1/3 glycerin.
For each pint of slip, add one teaspoon of CMC in gel form."

Angela Davis

"Have joy in everything you make."