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paint on glazed tiles

updated wed 21 apr 04


Joyce Lee on wed 14 apr 04

Carole asked about the above.
I've heard that Dick Blick's catalog lists paint
for glazed tiles........ but they then must be
fired in the oven for about a half hour.

I haven't seen the paint, but did see some
lovely, colorful tiles at Art League. They were
created by an oil painter who wanted to
paint her tiles much as she paints a canvas.
She found the paint in Dick Blick's catalog.

In the Mojave Desert Of California USA

Cherie W on tue 20 apr 04

I think you might be talking about pebeo paints...Ive dabbled a little
with them and really liked them...they are transparent and you need about
three coats for each color you paint with...their is also another heat set
paint that is made by jolenes or something like that..ive never worked w/
them, but ive heard that some ppl perferred those over the pebeo's