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surfing with helen bates - canada and brazil - april 14th., 2004

updated fri 16 apr 04


Helen Bates on thu 15 apr 04

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Surfing with Helen Bates - Canada and Brazil - April 14th., 2004


I don't have much of a chance these days to send a lot of what I keep on=20
collecting as I surf the webwaves, but here's a selection of sites from=20
quite a while back, that I saved until I had a chance to spend an hour=20
or two or three reviewing them.

The Paneleiras de Goiabeiras, Espirito Santo, Brazil
Adobe Pans (panelas de barros) (Pictures and text)
Tiny URL: (short url to the translation)
The Paneleiras de Goiabeiras, so called because the majority of the=20
artisans are women, live in Goiabeiras Barrio, in Victoria, the capital=20
of Espirito Santo, Brazil. The skills of making these adobe cooking=20
pots has been passed down nearly unchanged since before the arrival of=20
the Portuguese in this country. Nowadays, multi-generational families=20
have banded together to form a sort of co-operative, where all may=20
benefit from the tourist trade to sell their work directly.
The translation is not too bad to read... The text goes into some detail=20
about the gathering and preparation of the clay (nowadays this part,=20
once part of the women's labour, is done by the men of the=20
co-operative), the forming methods, how the dark colour is obtained, and=20
the rest of the making process. The home page is the "Cer=E2micanorio"=20
site in Rio de Janeiro-RJ-Brasil:
Tiny URL: (short url to the translation)
There is much else to see here, including a Portuguese / English pottery=20
dictionary, and a glossary besides; there is also a gallery of artists=20
you may visit, where contemporary ceramists's work is displayed.
I have hardly had an opportunity to scratch the surface (so to speak.)

The Canadian Museum of Civilization (Gatineau, QC, Canada)

"Gather Around This Pot - Conserving Ceramic Treasures"
This is a fun and interesting show and tell about conserving and=20
restoring broken but important historic pottery, including some pieces=20
from Canada's aboriginal potters. I prefer to turn off the site's=20
background colours and use ones of my own choice for this. Your mileage=20
may vary... (I don't go for the rumpled brown paper myself... )
This gallery is on the banks of the Ottawa River, directly across the=20
Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa (and reachable by bridge, of=20
course! ;-)

Claire Salzberg (Professor, Vanier College School of Communications,=20
Art, Media, Theatre) (St. Laurent, QC, Canada)
(Faculty and Staff Exhibition 2003) Clair Salzberg's work is surely in=20
the "Funk" tradition... Vanier College is an English CEGEP (Coll=E8ge=20
d'enseignement g=E9n=E9ral et professionnel or College of General and=20
Vocational Education) located in the Province of Quebec, Canada. There=20
are links at the bottom of the page to "Vanier in Photos" where there=20
are some other shows, or you can go to the CAMT pages for a list of=20
specific shows put on by the school over the years.

Artists Online (Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery) (Waterloo, ON, Canada)

This is an online showcase of 50 Canadian artists working in clay or=20
glass. It is drawn from the Artists Registry of the Canadian Clay and=20
Glass Gallery. I've mentioned the site briefly before, but I think it's=20
worth another mention. Represented are up to a score of pieces by some=20
of the best Canadian artists in these two media. If you care to delve=20
further into the CCGG web site, there are the Permanent Collection:
and the Exhibitions sections to view as well:

For the latter, work executed in the silica media and mixed media=20
earthenware iconograpy by Richard Lynn Studham are the latest additions.
At the former, there is a very large show of work in clay, glass,=20
enamel, and stained glass by Canadian and international artists. Many=20
pieces are from the extensive Indusmin Collection by John Mather.

Kasumi Lompitoc (Toronto, ON, Canada)

Born Japan, trained at Sheridan College, Mississauga, Ontario (near=20
Toronto), Kasumi makes the most luscious, most delicate of functional=20
pieces in stoneware and porcelain... They look wood-fired, but from the=20
photo of her at her electric kiln, I have to suppose they are not.
(A very good web site from a display point of view, with a separate=20
sales section that allows the potential purchaser to view the work from=20
several aspects.) Like many Canadian potters' sites, there isn't a lot=20
of information for other potters who might be curious about how she=20
achieves her beautiful surfaces. One thing I am sure of... she is a=20
meticulous craftswoman and a fine designer of both form and glazes.

Willock and Sax Gallery (Waterton Lakes National Park) (Alberta, Canada)=20

Willock and Sax is a private art gallery that represents several=20
Canadian ceramic artists: Christian Barr, John Chalke, R.C.A., Arne=20
Handley, Bradley Keys, Enzien Kufeld, Les Manning, Barbara Tipton.

Robert Tetu (Beechwood, Seaforth, ON, Canada)

(On view at the Jonathon Small Galleries, London, ON, Canada)
Robert does very nice shino glazed functional stoneware which is shown=20
here, and excellent celadon glazed porcelain work, which isn't on view.=20
(Too bad my RT shino teapot got a knock on the spout and three chips out=20
of it.)

Carol-Ann Michaelson (Glen Williams, ON, Canada:
You will enjoy her traditional but very personally styled functional=20
pottery. Carol-Ann's studio is part of the Halton Hills Arts Week=20
starting April 27 to May 9, 2004. For further information, visit the=20
Halton Hills Arts Week web site:

Madawaska Valley Studio Tour (Wilno, ON, Canada)

Four potters represented - click on the "i" button for a pop-up window.=20
To save the urls of the various potters, in Netscape right click,=20
select "view info" copy the url and open in a new browser tab or window.
Potters: Dan Hill, Ramona Antaya, Tim Storey, Jamie and Linda Turnbull=20
(Whiteduck Pottery)

Paul Brunelle (Aylmer, ON, Canada)
Paul is a nature artist who does very detailed, very true to life clay=20
sculptures of birds which he then fires "to the hardness of stone" and=20
paints with oils. He grew up in Central Ontario, Canada, and now lives=20
in Southwestern Ontario, not far from Lake Erie and Point Pelee, one=20
of the major migratory birding areas of the continent.

Enjoy, then!

(If this isn't enough to make you tear your hair out, be patient,=20
there'll be more eventually...)

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