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messages toxic as underfired cadmium selenium glazes

updated mon 19 apr 04


Lili Krakowski on sun 18 apr 04

Just read Bob's latest, shocking denunciation of Lee Love--to whom I am
not related, in whom I have no financial interest, whom I do not know,
and whose work I've never seen.

The question comes to mind: exactly why is Bob so furious as to
accuse Lee of an overblown ego, and of not being able to create
original work? And like that. What is this all about? No, honestly.=20
Lee has his opinion and anyone (me included) posting an opinion has a =
ego. Nuh? And what does it matter when discussing copper leaching
whether Lee's pots are mindbogglingor not? Nuh? Do we encourage others =
to share
their views if we go in for ad hominem assaults? Nuh?

Lee is a most interesting and generous member of this list. Is he not
entitled to the respect we all should display towards each other?

I have ranted before about all this competitive sniping that goes on. I
know more than you! I have potted longer than you! I got into more
shows, won more prizes, make more money, have better hair....blah blah =
Knowlege, expertize, talent, all this knack for
pleasing customers or jurors--a lot of this is good luck. =20
Are we servants of our craft,or are we schoolyard bullies?=20
Miss Manners where are you...

Then: Tony, no I do not think you actually stand in the road breathing
dust and smoking Havanas. I do think that you like to say provocative
things. And I am sure you never would sell a pot that is a potential
danger, because you are a nice man. Besides, I suspect, Sheila would
smack you!

And I gotta tell'ya, Bob. You now have earned my "delete" button for
quite a while. And I expect that of a few others. Because I truly,
truly believe that arguments that cannot be made pleasantly and
politely are not worth a mouse-fart. They are hysterical outbursts not
arguments raisonnes

lili krakowski
Be of good courage