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iron leaching in glazes - or in iron skillets... i-ron-ic

updated tue 20 apr 04


Lee Love on tue 20 apr 04

On 2004/04/20 7:44:00, Phil wrote:

> I do not believe that a properly 'seasoned' Iron Skillet would be
found to leach...

8-) You know, there are traditional ways of "seasoning" pots
too. This is an important practice with both ceramics and lacquer,
especially in lacquer. The proper use of pottery is very similar to
the proper use of a seasoned iron skillet, which I am sure, fewer people
understand now-a-daze, because of the wide spread use of stainless,
aluminum and Teflon.

But to the point: A well seasoned iron skillet will leach if you
put tomato sauce in it and leave it there. You can tell, because you
can taste the iron in the sauce and can see the effect on the iron
skillet after cooking with it. Disgusting taste. I learned quickly,
for the sake of the sauce and the skillet both, to brew these acidic
foods in stainless instead.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan