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claymates calendar & nceca t-shirt

updated mon 3 may 04


elaine aulis on sat 24 apr 04

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Brian Haviland and Merrie Boerner for
organizing and taking the time to send out the Claymates calendar and NCECA
t-shirt out to those who asked (including ME) - it was well worth the effort
- and proceeds from both are going to very good causes.

Clayart Rocks!!!
Elaine, in windy Saskatoon (Canada) - hold on to yer hat!!!

Merrie Boerner on sat 1 may 04

You are most welcome, Elaine,
The Clayart T-shirt project was my pleasure ! The "honor system" really
worked well in the Clayart room at NCECA, and we raised a nice sum of cash
for the Clayart fund. Then, when I got home from NCECA, there were mail
orders to fill ! I received hand written letters and checks on PAPER with
picture post cards and nice personal notes.....made my day over and
over.......and, Well, just imagine how much fun it was to get mail from
Canada and Japan, and to go to my local post office (where the guy behind
the counter calls me by my first name) with 30 or more packages to ship
okay, it was a bunch of fun for Hog Chain Merrie
We still have some t-shirts for $18 total...all sizes EXCEPT large....just
e-mail me at
I'm off Clayart (just checking the archives) until after my May 14 firing
#23 of Mother....woooowoooo I've got 3 cords of wood just itchin to become
ash !