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updated mon 26 apr 04


Jim V Brooks on sun 25 apr 04

There was a vendor at NCECA who had round stamps made from wood.-- a couple
of inches thick-- with designs already carved into the face of the wooden

Does anyone remember the name of the vendor or how to contact them.. Any
info would be appreciated..

Jim in Denton

Dawn Christensen on sun 25 apr 04

I believe this man was in Lacrosse as well. I bought about 6 stamps and
a wooden rod. I use them with my students and I have so much fun with them.
Unfortunately I don't know his name either. Please post if you find out, I
would like to contact him too, Dawn (Menomonee Falls)

Don Goodrich on sun 25 apr 04

Hi Jim,
The guy was Stanley Hurst, of Florence, Alabama. The name of his
business is Mecca Pottery Tools. There seems to be no end to his
woodworking creativity, and I have the strong suspicion that he truly loves
his work. He was also at LaCrosse, and has been at NCECA before. The email
address on his card is:

Hope this helps,

Don Goodrich in soggy Zion, Illinois

L. P. Skeen on sun 25 apr 04

I can't remember his name, but he 's in Alabama I think, and he's as nice as
can be. After the Charlotte NCECA, he sent me a whole box of his pieces to
choose from and send the rest back - and he didn't know me from Adam's
housecat. I sold all the pieces and sent him a check. ;)

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