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raku - what you wish you knew thanks for the help everyone.

updated mon 26 apr 04


Angela Davis on sun 25 apr 04

I am ready to offer up a few more of my burnished pieces to the
Raku gods this week after reading how it might be better done.
Thank you all,

Angela Davis

Who needs to get busy painting with the Sajen's.

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> Hi Angela,
> Like everything else in ceramics this method is not mine but I'm minding
> for friends :) Paul Rubio and Jerry Hurst on this one. To my eternal
> discredit I forget who showed me this first.
> What I do is this :
> Loosely roll large newspaper pages and pack the rolls into the can so
> they are around the inside of the wall of the can. They can be stacked all
> the way up the wall of the can like this. Usually I put a piece of old
> shelf in the bottom of the bin because I like something flat to put the
> piece on. It is said that it helps the bin bottom a bit too. Having done
> that I also usually fold a piece of paper neatly so that its maybe 3"wide
> and lay it across the piece of kiln shelf and tuck it under the rolls of
> newspaper at the bottom of the can. This can act as a fuse with colder
> pieces. When placing pieces in they go straight down the middle.
> the paper does not immediately unwind and fall on the piece. Very clean.
> Now this paper can take longer to light than shredded, so don't roll it
> tight. When the piece goes in first I often fan the flames with the lid of
> the can untit its all well alight. Whack the lid on and do whatever else
> normally do. Unless they are really small I try only one piece per can. It
> sounds like a lot of work but time spent shredding trades pretty well with
> time spent rolling.
> I use slacker burnish - terra sig and a cloth. I have found it can be
> sensitive to burning paper giving an uneven surface. So I use this method
> for these pieces as well. But, as I mentioned to Bill Schran today I came
> cropper last night because I did not get it black enough as it was at the
> top. TS needs smoke to do its best but I love it when it works.
> Thanx
> D
> Belmont, California, USA
> (ex terra australis)
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