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cake decorator slip ....silicone caulk

updated wed 28 apr 04


Angela Davis on mon 26 apr 04

Hi Fred,

I saw some beautiful pots some time ago that had
pulled clay decoration that was unbelieveable. The clay had
to be very thixotropic, the swoops and ropes of clay looked

Strange at it seems.....

The artist said she (?) mixed her clay with silicone caulking and then
was able to pull it into those shapes. I wish I could rememeber exactly
where I saw this but will look through my books and try to find out more
the method.
I thought it very interesting at the time, maybe the mix will go through
a cake decorator nicely too.

Angela Davis

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From: "Fredrick Paget"
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 2:29 PM
Subject: Re: Cake Decorator Slip

> I have read all the responses to this and can't help wondering if
> there isn't a better way?
> What we need is a thixotropic mix of clay and something else.
> Cabosil comes to mind as that is the thixotropic additive of choice
> in epoxy formulation. Unfortunatly it doesn't work very well in
> aqueous solutions.
> Where is it written that the clay has to be in an aqueous mix? Could
> we mix powdered clay body with butter for example and get something
> that would fire solid? Somebody ought to try it and report. Cake
> icing uses butter to make the mix thixotropic.
> If butter is too messy maybe lavender oil and cabosil? Or how about
> uncolored paint from a store where they add color of your choice.
> I know these are going to stink when fired but when did that ever
> stop a potter?
> Fred
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