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fw: cake decorator slip ....silicone caulk,

updated thu 29 apr 04


Angela Davis on mon 26 apr 04

info in Susan Peterson's 3rd edition

Looking in the archives I found this reference;

it is exactly what I remember reading in my "Craft and Art of Clay"
I would love for William to give it a try and let us know.


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. I wish I could rememeber exactly
> where I saw this but will look through my books and try to find out more
> about
> the method.
> Angela Davis

Graeme Anderson on wed 28 apr 04

info in Susan Peterson's 3rd edition

There was an article in CM many, many years ago on pots made with the
inclusion of silicon rubber. When I tried it, I just wedged the windscreen
sealant into the clay. For extruding as in the cake decorating, you'd
probably have to thin the silicon with white spirit/dry cleaning fluid.
Hold your nose!!
Cheers. Graeme.