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surfing with helen bates - mid - usa, more... 27th. april, 2004

updated wed 28 apr 04


Helen Bates on tue 27 apr 04

Surfing with Helen Bates - Mid - USA, more... 27th. April, 2004

Paul Clervi (Fulton, MO, USA)

(Genuine Imitation Gallery, Everett Station Lofts, Portland, OR)
Click on "Art Gallery", "Gallery Store", and "Intimate Images." Most of
the work shown consists of traditional stoneware and Raku pottery.
(Clervi is the head of the Fine Arts Department at William Woods
University, Fulton, Missouri.)

Kenneth Standhardt (stoneware pottery) (Cincinnati, OH, USA )

After throwing and drying them to leather hard, Standhardt trims them
and then indents the exterior of each of his pieces geometrically using
a variety of handmade steel tools. The number of indentations can vary
from one thousand to five thousand. The Art Gallery of Fine Craft (the
web site of GeBzz the Gallery, Jacksonville, OR, USA) has the work of
several other potters on view, namely: Jim Gremel, Bruce Johnson,
Fred Stodder, John Ransmeier, Jeff Zigulis, Kerry Gonzalez, Larry
Richmond, Melody Lane, Les Mitchell, and R. Margolin. There are also
some "Yaobian vases" and some "Black Pottery.":
, Standhardt also casts pieces in
bronze, and some of these are on view at the Miller Gallery in
Cincinnati. They have been referred to before but there are now some of
his stoneware pieces shown at the gallery as well. You can click on the
"Artists" link then scroll down and click on the thumbnail or text for
"Kenneth Standhardt", or click on "Search" and select "Kenneth
Standhardt from the first drop-down menu. (For the latter, the sort
order is by given name, ie: "Kenneth", not by surname.)
Miller Gallery home page:

St. Louis Art Fair (St. Louis, MO, USA)

(Follow the link to the "2003 Artists Portfolio" and click on
"Ceramics" - there are about 24 artists' works there, mostly of
functional or sculptural vessels.)



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