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thanks all, for info - best lighting for digital photos of pots?

updated thu 29 apr 04


Kurt Wild on wed 28 apr 04

Thanks to all who have sent information and suggestions on this
subject. My favorite to date is spelled out in the following:

I've checked into a source in Minneapolis (Voss Electric) who is getting me
3 spiral florescent bulbs, 5100 kelvin (daylight-full spectrum). They
won't be here for a week or so and then I'll send a post to Clayart on info
about them and also report how they worked for me. I also intend to change
my shop lights to " full spectrum fluorescents (the long kind, and NOT grow
lights) ". Then if I leave my shop lights on I don't think they will
interfere. Otherwise I have been turning all my lights off other than
those directed at the pots I'm photographing. I may continue to do that

I understand that the bulbs I will be getting are similar to the bulb shown
That company's web site home