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updated fri 30 apr 04


Susan Setley on thu 29 apr 04


In a message dated 4/29/04 8:43:15 PM, janet@THE-COA.ORG.UK writes:

> Which is all well and good if you can afford PhotoShop or have
> access to another source
> Hell! Most of the working potters I know do not own a PC and
> those who do are unable to do much more than send an e-mail, let
> alone use any of the gizmos or fancy programmes.

I think those who are good at PhotoShop may have not realized how much skill
it really takes. I'm to the point that I have to be forced at gunpoint to
learn a new program. I got lucky. My daughter graduates soon with a degree in art,
concentration -- photography. :)

Susan Setley