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ash glaze -micro-crystal - controlled cooling - fact check please

updated fri 30 apr 04


Ron Roy on thu 29 apr 04

It's not as simple as that Lee - another test of a good teacher is they
should know what they are talking about. BS only gets you part of the way.

The other half of the problem is that potters - for the most part have
decided not to understand the technical aspects of their craft.

They learn to throw, mix glazes, stack and fire a Kiln and off they go.
Just find a bunch of glazes with nifty names - problem solved.

Then they get into a few shows, maybe win a prize or two - get asked to
teach some beginners and they start having to answer some harder questions.

Now you have a ripe situation - the teachers mostly don't know, the potters
mostly don't know and the suppliers mostly don't know.

So how do you know who knows what they are talking about?

Perfect situation for all those who don't want to learn - the teachers are
happy, the suppliers can put the wool over just about anyones head (thats
changing) and best of all - the potters don't have to learn about the
technology of clays and glazes. Perfect - they didn't want to do that in
the first place - making pots is so much more fun.

There are some teachers who do understand all this - things are getting
better - John Baymores post on the subject for instance - he understands.


> You got that right! Beware of teachers who think everyone
>else is wrong and only they have "the one true way." Eschew Gurus
>and look for real teachers. One good test of a true teacher is that he
>has the humility to learn from his students.

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