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gq, commissions & back from the archives... now seconds

updated fri 30 apr 04


claybair on thu 29 apr 04

On the other hand... someone greatly admiring your work
may not be able to afford a "first". I would think clearly labeling
a second by permanently engraving it as a second. this would not
allow the piece to "haunt" you later and could not be resold as a first.
I have done shows where the seconds table was a total success
and a big draw.
I frequently give seconds away but most of them become mosaics.
Recycle, recycle, recycle......
Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA

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From: Bobbi

In a message dated 4/28/2004 10:19:57 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Imbolchottie@AOL.COM writes:

> Plus I have some very good work to offer. Makes me think twice about
> setting
> up a 'Seconds' section.


Do think very seriously about selling seconds. You have only one name and
reputation. It's up to you to command respect for your talent and ability.
Seconds can come back to haunt you later. Definitely not worth the few bucks
you can
get for them. USE THAT HAMMER!

Best of luck,
Bobbi in Carlisle, PA

My life is full of mistakes. They're like pebbles that make a good road...
Beatrice Wood