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florida governor salutes pat young ceramic arts on 50th anniversary

updated mon 3 may 04


William Sheppard on sat 1 may 04

Ok, so here I am bragging on myself, who else will. With all of
the "dart throwing" going on here lately I thought I would like to share
some really nice news.

The Governor of Florida (Jeb Bush) sent me a letter congratulating my
family's ceramic studio (Pat Young Ceramic Arts) on obtaining our 50th
Anniversary (May 1, 2004). In the letter he mentions my Grandmother (Pat
Young), my Aunt (Barbara Brokaw) and my self and the years that we each
were runnning the studio. He also thanks us for contributing to the
economic success of Florida. I guess he appreciates even the very small
dollar amounts, HA, HA.

I could send any of you a picture of the letter on his classy
stationary if you e-mail me off line. (Does anybody other than me really

I did mention that I was bragging here didn't I. Well I can thank this
Clay Art list for a lot of help over the past few years. I have been able
to enhance our little operation a bunch from the information you have
passed on to me.

Thanks for being there.

William A. Sheppard V.
Owner/Artist of Pat Young Ceramic Arts
Established May 1, 1954