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one hundred mug theory

updated sun 2 may 04


Carol Tripp on sat 1 may 04

Ok, once again for those who haven't read this before, here is where the
idea came from.
Aug 20, 2002, mel wrote a message called "Stinky" and within the message was
the following:

one hundred mug theory.
set aside a week in your life.
throw mugs.
measure out the clay. one pound balls.
as many as you can make in one day.
keep going, do not stop.
make a hundred.
smash them up.
do it again tomorrow.
with the same clay.
then again.

add some water...mix it back up.
see how many mugs you can make in a week.
keep going.
do not save anything.
just throw.
feel your hands get stronger and stronger.
feel the form just jump from your fingers.
for the entire message

It's not my idea, not my rules. But it does work. With the stress of
having to make something to keep removed, the focus changes and technical
skills improve. They do. Before I did this exercise I knew I was doing
something wrong when throwing but had no way to figure out what it was.
Whatever the habit was, I lost it during the exercise and my throwing skills

As for you, sweet Dolita, I had no idea your goal was to fill up your kiln
to try out your glazes for the very first time. That has to be one of the
most exciting things to do. So, this is really not the exercise mel
advocated. You are on a mission to fill that kiln, try those glazes, drive
yourself nuts with impatience to open it up at the end of the firing.
Better than any xmas ever was or will be.

Well, if you are going to make mugs, I think you owe it to yourself to pull
the handles for them. Personally, I always pull double the number of
handles I will need. (And I should pull more.) And if you have handles on
the mugs, they are easier to glaze and people will know what to do with
them. (Otherwise, cousin Peter and his wife Doddie will wonder what to do
with four pencil holders;-)

Best regards,
Dubai, UAE
Sand storms and high temps. And May's page of the ClayMates Calendar has
strategically placed masking tape on it because no one wants to look at that
tush (sp) all month!

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