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there's still space in some penland classes!

updated wed 5 may 04


Matt Pogatshnik on tue 4 may 04

Hello All-

I just wanted to let you know that there are still spots available for =
your enjoyment and edification in a few of the early summer classes at =

Fong Choo will be in the upper studio making miniature teapots of all =
shapes and smallish sizes. There will some work on developing special =
tools to work in this small scale with everything fired in either =
electric or reduction kilns. Oh, and you'll be doing some airbrushing =
of glazes!

Downstairs Laura Jean McLaughlin will be working on printmaking and =
clay. You'll work on linoleum cuts to create a relief that will then be =
transferred to a clay slab used to construct your three dimensional =
form. There will be an emphasis on narrative/personal mythical imagery. =
Got an interesting story? Want to tell it in clay? Come to Penland!

Second session in lower clay, Neil Forrest will be exploring the =
relationships between architecture and ceramic objects and between the =
built and natural word. See ceramics and pottery under the light of =
architecture, see buildings and design under the light of ceramics. I =
know: I want to take the class, too! =20

Contact our registrar at 828.765.2359 or at now to =
sign up and make this summer your best summer ever.

Thanks for your time,

Matt Pogatshnik
Clay Coordinator
Penland School of Crafts