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more bats for less

updated sat 8 may 04


wayneinkeywest on thu 6 may 04

Recently, there was a discussion of the use of
HardieBacker board for wedging, as opposed
to plaster. Lime pops from plaster be damned!

I made the change, having to create a new
wedging table anyhow. I used it for 6 months
to see how it worked out before writing to the list.
Works like a dream (!), and only 1/4 inch thick
(6mm) makes it easy to move when I need to.
The sheets are 3 feet X 5 feet (1 meter x
1.6 meters) which is plenty large for me.

Had an extra piece lying around. Looked at
it one day and saw bats. Lots of bats. 12 inch
diameter, 1/4 inch bats. I can't tell you how pleased
I am with those bats. Easy to clean, practically
indestructible (they're cement!), and the pieces I
left on them to dry do so without those annoying
"S" and bottom cracks I used to get from fast drying!
One side is smooth, one side is rougher, so you
can even roll slabs on it, smooth or textured.

Home Despot here (don't start) sells a 3X5 sheet
for $9.75 + tax. That's (15) 12 inch bats for less than
$10. It is available in 1/2 inch thickness for the same
price. Such a deal! Of course, you can make them
larger if you wanted.

Something you might want to try. Cut a 12 inch
square piece, draw a line from corner to corner,
then measure along the line and drill your bat pin holes.
Place it on the wheel, and rotate it S-L-O-W-L-Y.
Using a pencil held in place, trace the outline of your
bat. Use a razor knife (aka "terrorist weapon") to
scribe the outline as it rotates, then break off the
excess, much the same as cutting drywall.'re done.

No bat pins? Take some of the scrap, cut rectangles,
and HOTGLUE or contact cement or "Liquid Nails"
(construction adhesive) them to the bottom of the bat.
Stick a fork in it, it's done!

Last bats you'll ever need. And these won't get caught
in your hair

Wayne Seidl
Key West, Florida, USA
North America, Terra
Latitude 81.8, Longitude 24.4
Elevation 3.1 feet (1m)

MarjB on sat 8 may 04

Morning Wayne

Have a question about your new wedging table : Do you scrape the table =
with a wide putty knife or something similiar ? Or, how careful must =
you be with the surface ? Appears to be a good solution. Thank you for =
letting the list know about your experience. MarjB (needs a new =
surface yesterday !)