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more bats for "hardi" agreement..the waco kid

updated sat 8 may 04


Angela Davis on thu 6 may 04

Hi Taylor,
I've seen your web site, your still a kid.
My favorite pot is 5th row pot 4, I have a thing for windows.

I have tried to sell my pottery group on the make your own bat idea,
but they must all be independently wealthy because they
don't seem to mind spending $6 a bat. :-)

Glad you got a little relief from that vicious nail pain.
Now order some clay so you can get busy on those
500 whatevers.

Angela Davis

(you can call me Mom)

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From: "Hendrix, Taylor J."
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: More bats for "hardi" agreement

Hey hey hey Angela!

As for the hardibats, they are EXACTLY like plaster bat as far as
attachment goes. I have some slip handy. One quick dunk of the bat in
water, a smear of slip on the bottom and those suckers stick to my naked
wheel head like nobody's bidness. I have a bit of strapping steel that
I use to pry up the end when I am done.