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pitcher site updated

updated mon 10 may 04


Chris Schafale on sun 9 may 04

Dear Clayart,

While you were away, I added several more images to the pitcher site,
including pots from June Perry, Paul Herman (gets the prize for cool
backdrop), Bobbi Bassett, and Brian Haviland.

By the way, if anyone tried to send me a picture in the last 24 hours, I didn't
get it. My email choked on something and I had to delete all the messages
on the server in order to free things up. Try again, please. Also, I'm having a
bit more trouble with large messages lately, so please try to keep your
images below 1 megabyte in size.

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh, NC)
NEW email: chris at lightonecandle dot com
(insert the @ and . as appropriate)