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trip to paris in june, where to go

updated sat 8 may 04


Bacia Edelman on fri 7 may 04

Hi Bonnie, lucky one! Of course you should consult Russel no
matter how busy he might be. He gets or has access to a journal
in French that lists all the worthwhile exhibits. We happened
to spend a perfect Saturday together in Paris in July, 2001.
One of the key galleries was Sarver gallery. I suppose M. Sarver
speaks a little English, but he didn't have to with Russel
there. He has examples (upstairs if you let him know you are
interested) of all my favorite clay artists in France incl. Champy.
There is an area fairly far south in France, and my retaining
of names is getting weaker, which I think is called something
like LaBourne. Again, Russel will know and can even list which
museums you shouldn't miss.
If you use the metro, figure out a way to hang on to your purse,
fanny pack, whatever. In a crowded one at rush hour, someone even
tried to fish in Russel's jeans pocket and your should have heard
our sweet, calm Russel explode in French. I was (on other
days) with an art tour
composed of mostly Madison, Wisconsin folks and the first day
a woman in the group had her purse snatched on the metro, credit card etc.
Announcements in French and English at museum, metro entrances
were a regularity, but it was high tourist season in July----
"Les pick-pockets--attention--!!" I managed very well, so this
is not to scare you, just make you a little aware.
Have a great time and I expect a full report.
(The tour I was on took us to Givenchy (Monet), Arles, and many wonderful
places in southern France. If you have time, look into going south.)

Bacia Edelman
Madison, Wisconsin