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clarification: was bats for less....cutting pots off

updated fri 14 may 04


Angela Davis on mon 10 may 04

I have been using my bats for over a year and I never
cut my pots off the bat except when I want to join soft pieces.
Even when I leave the foot thick for trimming, I just use a light fabric
covering to keep the rims from getting too dry.
If the weather is really dry I'll put a plastic cover on too, I never
have trouble with cracks.
Everyone's drying situation will be different, you just have to experiment.
I am really sold on these bats and feel you should give them a try.

Angela Davis

"Have joy in everything you make."

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From: "Robert Huskey"
Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2004 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: CLARIFICATION: Was Bats for Less

> Wayne ,
> Can you let the pot dry on the bat without cutting it off.
> mean will it pop off the bat like on a plaster bat .
> Thanks , Bob Huskey -- Tallahassee , Florida

Graeme Anderson on thu 13 may 04

I've been using these type of bats, cut into round shapes of various sizes,
for about 25 years. But I also throw my pots on medium grade canvas, using
thin slurry to stick the canvas on the bat. Pass the cut-off wire under
the canvas, and if the pot is not too large, just drag it off the bat onto
a ware board. Use another bit of canvas on the same bat for the next pot.
Peel the canvas off when leather hard, and there is a smooth base on the
pot. You don't have to allow extra clay on the base to allow for cutting
I also use larger pieces of the board for ware boards, kneading, and drying
clay. The smooth side dries clay faster if you want to firm up clay a bit
for throwing.
As no tools touch the wheelhead, the wheel (Venco) I have been using for
over 25 yrs. is still smooth and level.
Cheers. Graeme.