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chicken tractor and happy spring stuff

updated thu 13 may 04


primalmommy on wed 12 may 04

A friend wrote to point out to me that I sent a whiny wheezy asthmatic
post to clayart and then disappeared. I am fine and all is well, spring
is sprung and the grass is riz. I have some photos I took just now in
the yard, they are at my website so you shouldn't have to jump through
any hoops to see them: baby gooseberries, the chicken tractor I built, a
warty little wizard creature who lives under my rain barrel and ok I'll
say it, a damn good pot.. I am making stuff instead of sleeping these
days and it is very rewarding..

here's where you go to see photos:

if you can't make that happen, just go to and click on
the little blue box that says "a lovely day in may"

making really good pots all of a sudden, dunno what happened..
off to plant tomatoes, green zebra and marizol gold, brandywine and
black krim, bloody butcher and's sunny all day and
thunderstorms all night... heaven for the peas.

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logan johnson on wed 12 may 04

Hi Kelly,

Please excuse the questions due to poor eyesight but I saw the pics on your website. Are those little faces on the side of that piece? & is that a Chicken head on top? I LOVE that piece! Whatever is on the top or sides it's SO COOL!! I hope you're going to send it to C.M. or P.M.I. what a beautiful cover it would make!!!!!!

Have a good one!

Logan J.

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