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photos of clayart mug exchange - 2004

updated fri 14 may 04


Kenneth J. Nowicki on thu 13 may 04

Hi Clayart friends,

I've created an "album" of 22 photos I took during the 2004 Clayart Mug
Exchange and it is available for you to view at "OPhoto" online, the only catch is
you have to sign up if you've never been to the OPhoto website before. It is
totally FREE and all you have to do is plug in your email and create a password.

OPhoto is a Kodak company and I have no affiliation with them other than I've
discovered that they are a great way to share photos online with each other.
You can also buy prints of the photos you view there from them if you so
choose. (Unfortunately, I had previously "cropped" the one's that I posted a bit
too much to have a 4" X 6" photo printed from them, or so the site says... you
can try though... I haven't yet)

I didn't want to "send an invite" from OPhoto to "view the album" directly to
the Clayart Listserv address yet... until I knew if it would work or not...
or how receptive everyone was to the idea of it. Until I hear from our
moderator whether or not this is do-able, I will hold off on sending it to the list.
You can email me privately though and I'll be glad to email you with the link
(invite) to view the photos.

I can also send them as a zipped file if you'd rather, however they won't
have descriptive captions on them like the OPhoto album has.

They are some really great shots... especially the group Clayart Toasts...
and of course the intimate moments shared between David Hendley and Tony

All the best,

- Ken

Kenneth J. Nowicki
Port Washington, NY