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wood ash supplier

updated sun 16 may 04


Lee Love on sat 15 may 04

One of the things I'd recommend is finding a good synthetic woodash
recipe. If you look in GlazeChem, you will find a bunch of them.

Get the glaze you like with the substitute as your standard and
then do tests with your available ash to match the synthetic idea. I
think this helps you get the ball rolling and when you get some ash, you
can always blend with your synthetic ash to balance the new ash source
you have. You can play with synthetic nuka ash, rice straw ash, and
other exotic ashes in synthetic form.

Included in my over 100 test tiles in the last firing, were some
great bluish nami jiro glazes using synthetic common ash. It looks
similar to what Hamada used. In my next firing, I will line blend
these with my natural ash recipes of the same glaze.

I also got some great N. American Shino tests with
feldspar and neph sye substitutions Edouard has been helping me with.
Also found that the soda ash shinos will once fire nicely on a light
clay, but will bloat on an iron bearing clay (color is actually better
on the Mashiko light colored clay anyway.) The soda seemed to seal
the green body and cause black coring. Interesting discovery. I
would like to work my way toward once firing. Will post photos when
I get a chance.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan Commentary On Pottery