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woodfire look/my use

updated sun 16 may 04


Ron Collins on sat 15 may 04

I also made a 1000 grams, then made a big batch ! My red/white mix, making
the red/orange base, is very dry and unpleasant to the touch and also the
look...very flat......From my experience, it only looks really good and
works well over a vitrious slip applied to raw clay. I use my
contaminated, melting kaolin that I have 200 lbs of, that we discussed last
year, but I wonder if using the white glaze as a wash on the raw clay first
would help. I find that the best look is on a textured slip surface, and I
use the base glaze brushed on and mostly wiped off the high spots with a
sponge...thin.......when I dipped a normal thickness of glaze it turned a
fairly mottled uniform tan breaking red.....not as striking. I am getting
just what I have been wanting for a long time...a random orange/red/cream in
oxidation , fully melted and smooth. It just doesn't work very well just
by itself without something under.........I have a photo of some beer mugs
and glasses that use it with the white glaze and some colored velvets over
the white that are far as "going native", at least the
ocher and feldspar is my own.........Melinda Collins, Antigua, Guatemala