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bonnie staffel..giffin grips, gimmicks, & tools (long)

updated tue 18 may 04


Dale Duncan on mon 17 may 04

I'm with Gayle...Bonnie Staffel is one of my favorite Hero's also.

She has studied with Harvey Littleton when he was making pottery. =
Attended workshops and studied with Marguerite and Franz Wildenhain, =
Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner when they were emerging pottery stars. =
She's influenced countless pottery students as program director and =
teacher at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North =
Carolina. She's fired pottery in a "Production Reduction" kiln which was =
an early predecessor to the gas/electric kiln that has been talked about =
so much on Clayart... except it used charcoal to reduce an electric =
kiln... she knows things....pottery things

And her work is fantastic....If you have not seen Bonnie's latest =
pots.....huge pots, check them out on her web site.=20

I read Bonnie's emails and posts and always want to hear more....
She has much knowledge and is truly one of our pottery greats.....

Best Wishes
Dale Duncan
York, SC