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more newbie questions (mugs and commissions)

updated fri 21 may 04


Nana on thu 20 may 04

Hope ya'll aren't sick of my questions yet :) Because I have 2 of
them. :)

I just finished packaging and delivering my first commission (18
mugs), and I'm reeeelly nervous about it.

I've learned a lot about what I want to have to do business (like
business cards, packing materials, and a better idea of what a
customer wants me to make).

Anyone who does commissions have advice on rejection? I heard around
that it's common to agree beforehand to do one remake if the first
pieces are not what was wanted. That seems like asking for trouble to

I mean how do you deal with people wanting a glaze to look one way and
it turning out another? Just attain perfection?

I've got to raise a lot of money for college this summer. I'm
thinking the best way to do this is to make a ton of mugs, because
even though I'm starting to hate them, people buy them dependably.

Any advice on the mug cycle? What I did last time was throw on one
day, trim a couple of days later, pull and add handles the next, fire
a week later, glaze and then fire the next day. (That's 2 long weeks,
too long!) But if I'm going to make a hundred, I can't make them all
in one batch, so I'll have to have more than one batch in different
parts of the cycle at the same time. Is this all stuff I have to work
out for myself, or are there basic wisdoms that would help me out? I
did a batch of 36 last time, which was a little unwieldy all together.

Thanks an awful lot to those of you who've answered my questions.
Hopefully someday I'll have some knowledge to pass along, pay back in