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tiles on stairs

updated fri 21 may 04


Edy Lynn on thu 20 may 04

Saw a really neat effect of putting tiles on the back part of the =
stairs--I'm not sure of the terminology but it's the wood that faces =
you as you step up the stairs. Very bright pattenrns combined with a =
solid color of carpet on the stairs or in your case if you want to get =
away from the carpet then paint or use a solid linoleum or stair tread. =
Just a thought. Also saw a version of this where someone had painted =
scenes at the back of the stairs. A whole flight - like 12 painting on =
each step! How did they do it without a kid smearing the paint?? Might =
be fun tho'. My carpet to the upstairs is looking ratty so I'm thinking =
about it myself.=20
Edy Lynn; Dayton Ohio