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tile stairs

updated tue 25 may 04


dianamp@COMCAST.NET on fri 21 may 04

Don't know if anyone mentioned it yet,
but wooden stairs probably FLEX as you
walk up and down them.

So, one of the problems with tiling them
will be that the tiles and grout DON'T naturally flex.

A way to combat the problem is to put
an additive in the material you set them with that increases flexibility,
or use a flexible material for setting them-- not cement.

They also make an additive for the grout,
that makes it more flexible.

Diana Pancioli
Tileman's daughter

Christy Pines on fri 21 may 04

In the course of researching how to put some stairs on my newly
finished patio with the pottery shard mosaic wall, I came across the
following that might be of value to you as you investigate tile stairs:

christy in connecticut, where the electrician was in this morning to
start the process of wiring the house for the kiln. woohoo.
cpines at

elca branman on sat 22 may 04

Cancel stairs.

Order rubber ramp.

Learn how to vulcanize.

Elca Branman

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