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100 mugs-update-a bit long

updated sun 23 may 04


Gene and Dolita Dohrman on sat 22 may 04

The handle extruder from Scott Creek is still in its original packaging. =
I am not saying I will never use it, I will just not use it on this =
exercise. I pulled 39 handles. (Mel, are you reading this?) It is not =
the handle pulling that scared me, it is attaching them. It takes me =
forever and I just torture the hell out of those handles. However, =
after about 25 I started getting a clue. I decided to score and slip =
both attachment spots at the same time. Was only doing the top one =
first, attached it, then scored and attached the bottom. At this point =
the handle was pretty twisted. I know-stupid. Then the light bulb came =
on - pushed the top into the scored area, pressed the bottom in and =
removed excess with my thumb. Then went back to the top after it set a =
bit and used my thumbs on either side. Worked like a charm but I am =
sure most of you know this already. This is for those who are in the =
same place I am.
Another bonus has come from this exercise. I think I had said that I =
did not feel I was improving at all as I threw the mugs. Well, I had a =
bit of a break and really want to do my first bisque firing soon so =
yesterday I sat down at the wheel to throw some larger pieces before I =
go onto the next 50 mugs. I could feel a difference in my throwing! I =
was more in control of the clay, more confident of my movements. I made =
the largest bowl I have ever made yesterday which entailed centering a =
mother of a chunk of clay (for me!). Still can't breath when I am =
raising a cylinder. Breathing completely throws me off which is going =
to be a real problem as the cylinders get taller!
For the next 50 mugs I plan on selecting a favorite shape from the first =
50 and trying to duplicate it. A dear clayarter has volunteered to =
critique my first batch so I need to get the pictures taken. I plan on =
getting ripped but I don't care! I need it and I can take it!
Hope this has helped some of you because most of you have helped me.
Dolita-who now has two pieces on Chris' clayart pitcher website-my first =
ever posting. The white one was inspired by Dannon Rhudy. =20
Louisville, KY