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starting a coop... a 'coop'? or a co-op?

updated sun 23 may 04


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sat 22 may 04

Hi Ivor, all...

This title had been amuseing, as I kept envisioning Kelly's
mobile Chicken Coop...and kept imagining others having dvice
or questions in similar aspirations...

Maybe I am used to seeing a co-operative, abbreviated as
'co-op' rather than 'Coop'...


el ve

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From: "Ivor and Olive Lewis"

> Dear Paula,
> If among yourselves you choose to formalise into some sort
> "Official" group, spend a lot of time developing and
refining your
> Governing Constitution. You should be able to get
assistance with this
> task from State or National Arts and Crafts Steering
Groups. If they
> are good at their jobs you will get a lot of help from
their advisers
> who should be able to attend your early meetings.
> Wishing you all All the Best with any venture you
> Best Regards,
> Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia
> Potters Council Member
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