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potter and painter

updated mon 24 may 04


Sarah House on sun 23 may 04

Ron Roy said:
>There is a third possibility - the potter make the forms - as they wish to
>and a painter (for example) does the decoration.

>I did such a colaboration many years ago - for a plate show. Not all the
>results were succesful but I was certainly satisfied with ours.

Just showing off a little.
My mother and I just did this for a Mother's day exhibition. I threw the
forms, and she did the airbrushed decoration. It was lots of fun, but of
course lots of work (for her). We had planned to do a few pieces, but when
the time came they asked for 24, Yikes.
These are some of the very first, but I'm sure we'll keep at it. My new
studio has plans for a spray booth which will make life easier for both of
There are photos on the gallery's web page,

Sarah House

Little Switzerland, NC

(but soon Burnsville, NC)